Version history

Known issues in the latest version

  • Locked files - SyncFolder is not able to copy files that are in-use (locked) by another program. If such files appear during the execution of a task, an error will be reported and the affected files will be indicated in the Status window of the task.
    If you do not want such errors to occur, you must either exclude those files from your backup (by adding the name or extension type of those files in the Filter section of the task) or stop any programs that keep the files locked/open prior starting the backup.
  • Google Drive - Support for Google Drive is disabled in the app. Recent changes at Google now require an external certification company to verify compliance of the app with the Google Drive service. Given the extremely high cost of this and our intention to keep on offering the app for free, we are unfortunately forced to disable Google Drive as storage location option.

What's new?

Version 1.2.49

March 7, 2023

  • Introduced a change in the way the app stores the 'modified-on' datetime in the task cache files. The value is now saved as a binary value which makes datetime comparison much more robust, especially when the user makes some modifications in the windows region settings. When this happened earlier versions of the app could not parse the cache file which resulted in all files being copied over.
  • Corrected an error with a 1-way sync task where, if the user stops execution of a task, the next time the task runs files that have been copied in the previous run are copied again. The correction will clear the destination cache files when the user stops the task. This has the effect that the next time the task runs the app will re-scan the destination location and so will find out which files still have to be sync'ed.
  • Corrected an error where the app didn't accept a target folder of which the name started with the name of the source folder.

Version 1.2.48

January 25, 2023

  • Applied a correction that prevented that the user gets a warning message when he/she configures a 1-way sync task and the destination location is not empty. The warning (introduced in v.1.2.44) is there to tell the user that files might get deleted on the target when the task runs. The same error also prevented that the user gets a chance to cancel possible deletes the 1st time the task runs.
  • Added scrolling possibilities in the FTP and SFTP dialog windows to allow the user to press the Connect to Server button on small screens.

Version 1.2.47

December 9, 2022

  • Corrected an error that prevented the app to use a WSL 'share' (e.g. \\wsl$\Ubuntu, \\wsl.localhost\Ubuntu, ..) as source and/or destination location in a task. Since Windows auto-connects to the WSL file system without authentication the Network dialog is also not available anymore when the source/target points to a WSL 'share'.
  • Corrected an error that might occur while looking for changed files in a 2-way sync task.

Version 1.2.46

September 23, 2022

  • Moved the user option to delete excluded files from the Filters dialog to the Advanced Tasks Settings dialog.
  • Corrected an error where the app was not deleting empty folders at the destination location with a 1-way sync task and option "Don't copy empty folders" is switched on.
  • Added scan progress indication for the destination location.
  • Corrected an error where the maximum number of 'history' files was set to 2. The maximum is now again 10.

Version 1.2.45

August 2, 2022

  • Extended the possibility for the compagnion SyncFolder Photos app (Android, iOS) to upload files that are bigger than 2 GB. If you want to use this you must also update the SyncFolder Photos app to version 1.10.1 or higher.
  • Changed the order of the 'delete files and folders' step when a 1-way sync task is executed. A possible delete now occurs as the 1st step after both locations are scanned, i.e. before the actual copying happens.

Version 1.2.44

June 10, 2022

  • Added a text button in the subfolder selection dialog to select/unselect all subfolders. With a new task all subfolders are now initially unselected when the user chooses to select individual subfolders.
  • Corrected an error when the app was invoked by the Command Line where the app was incorrectly parsing the command line parameters which resulted in some 'unknown task' errors.
  • Added a notification when a 1-way sync task runs for the first time and SyncFolder detects that one or more files have to be deleted on the target location because they don't exist at the source. The files will not be deleted in that case. The user can then open the Task Status page where there is the option to either accept the pending and subsequent deletions or re-configure the task.

Version 1.2.43

May 12, 2022

  • Corrected an error that stopped task execution when the folder in a task contains duplicate files (files having the same name). If the app now finds such files then the 1st file found will be considered valid, the other(s) will be logged and will appear in the Status view with a 'D' in front of their name.
  • Corrected an error that prevented execution when a Command Line invocation carries both the --reset and --minimize option.

Version 1.2.42

May 1, 2022

  • Added the option with command line execution to first reset the tasks that must be executed. The command line syntax now is:
    "syncfolder.exe --exec taskID[[,] taskID,...] [--reset] [--minimize]"
  • Enhanced the display of all tasks on the Tasks view with an indication of both the source and destination location/folder.
  • Corrected an error which caused a failure when the user was changing the default target folder for the "Photos and Videos Import" task. The folder was not saved correctly which had the effect that a network connection between the iOS/Android app and the SyncFolder app was silently rejected.

Version 1.2.41

April 6, 2022

  • Added protection against some malfunctioning that can happen with USB storage devices when access to these devices is restricted in Windows. Minor errors could occur in the background process which looks for usb device inserts/ejects and were expected not to interfere with the normal operation. Also added some logging in that area.

Version 1.2.40

February 28, 2022

  • Corrected an error that prevented v.1.2.39 to launch in a number of environments where the app wasn't allowed to access USB storage devices or accessing these devices took too long. The problem manifested itself by a white window being shown for a couple of seconds after which the app was being closed.

Version 1.2.39

February 24, 2022

  • USB device insertion - Changed the way the user can configure SyncFolder to deal with task execution as a result of a USB device being inserted. There are now 3 options: do nothing, execute after the user clicks a confirmation button, and execute automatically without confirmation.
  • Improved BitLocker support - SyncFolder now detects whether device encryption (BitLocker) is enabled on a removable storage device (typically external USB devices) and if the device is not yet unlocked. If it is locked at the moment task execution starts the app will generate a toast notification to inform the user and then waits until the user unlocks it. The maximum wait time is 3 minutes, after which a execution error is generated.
  • Power off after task execution - Added an option in Advanced Task Settings to shutdown the computer when a task has finished execution. When enabled, SyncFolder will request Windows to power down the computer 1 minute after finishing a task. The action will happen automatically for tasks that run in the background: i.e. automatically scheduled tasks and tasks that are automatically started when a USB device is inserted. With a manually executed task you will get a dialog window where you can confirm the action. Tasks that are executed as a result of clicking a notification message will not invoke a shutdown.
    If you have multiple scheduled tasks, with each running at different times, then make sure that the task for which the option is set is the last one to execute. If you have 2 or more tasks scheduled at the same time and 1 or more has the option set, then SyncFolder will trigger the shutdown after all the tasks have finished.
  • Improved support for disk rotation - The new version allows swapping disks in a more user friendly way. Previously when a portable USB disk was not connected at the moment a task was executed, an error was generated indicating that the device was not available, even if another device with the same Drive Letter was connected. The reason for this was that the app registers a USB device by its unique id and not by its Drive Letter. If the user wants to swap a disk, then he or she had to reassign the source/destination location.
    This is now improved by taking the Volume Label (like 'SanDisk SF') and/or Drive Letter (like F:) of the assigned device into account and, if the device is not connected, by finding another device that carries the same Volume Label and/or Drive Letter.
    When you open the app and SyncFolder finds a matching device it will show a dialog window on the main page of the app where the user simply has to confirm for which tasks a possible new disk must take the place of the disconnected one. In addition, SyncFolder will also detect a possible candidate for rotation at the moment you insert the new disk. You will then get a notification message that you can click in order to open the app and accept the proposed disk.
    In case the new disk is a destination disk in a task or if the disk is assigned to location A or B in a 2-way sync task, then the app will reset the task. This has as effect that the app, when executing the task, will first scan the disk to see which files have to be copied.
    Because assigning a permanent Drive Letter to a possible set of disks is difficult in Windows, and assigning the same Volume Label is easy in Windows, the latter approach is probably the easiest method to achieve disk rotation in SyncFolder: simply assign the same volume name to all disks in the set.
  • Corrected an error that stopped execution of a task when the task's cache file was corrupted.
  • Changed the default setting of a task to not copy to the same subfolder as the source. The previous default to copy to a folder with the same name (and possibly create one if this subfolder doesn't exist) was causing too much confusion. Users who are targetting other devices than mass storage devices must make sure that the folder they want to target already exists. They can of course still enable the setting (before selecting the target folder) and use the source's subfolder name as target (without the need to create the folder upfront).
  • Added support for a simple Copy task to also allow empty folders to be copied to the target. If you want you can disable this in Advanced Task Settings by setting the toggle switch "Don't copy empty folders to the destination location" to On.

Version 1.2.38

January 31, 2022

  • Corrected an error that prevented v.1.2.37 to launch when old task credentials (accounts and passwords) had to be migrated to the new credential storage system. This impacted situations were users had 1 or more credentials configured for tasks that require a account/password to connect with the source and/or destination device, like: NAS, FTP(S) and SFTP devices.
  • Added a error dialog when SyncFolder must create a "Import for photos and videos" task and the Windows settings prevents access to the Pictures library for all apps. Previously the task was not created without any warning.

Version 1.2.37

January 28, 2022

  • User credentials storage - The app now saves all user credentials (username, password) that are configured in a task for network storage devices/servers (i.e. NAS, FTP(S), SFTP) in an encrypted section of the app's local settings container. This removes the limit of 20 credentials that existed in earlier versions.
  • Corrected an error when a zero-length file must be uploaded/created on OneDrive.
  • Added copy progress percentage on a per-file basis when uploading to OneDrive and the file is bigger than 10MB. For smaller files, progress is considered to be of less importance because upload time will be relatively short (1..5s for a 20Mbps upstream link, 1 sec max. for a 100Mbps link).
    In a future update this will be extended to FTP and SFTP servers.
  • The Subfolders dialog in the task configuration view will now show the top folders of the location in ascending order when choosing 'Selected folder'.
  • The app now gives a list of all the files/folders on the source and destination location which have unacceptable characters for Windows in their file/folder name. The list is presented in the 'Faults' panel on the Task Status page after the task is executed.
    In previous versions the task terminated with a 'could not scan location' error. With the update the task now will continue to run without the invalid files/folders. In subsequent runs the list will however continue to be shown until the file/folder names have been corrected or the files/folders are removed.
  • Corrected an error that occurred when a folder in /users/«user»/AppData was selected as source or destination folder for a task.
    Attention - As a consequence of the correction the user can freely choose any folder in AppData as target for a copy/sync task. It should be clear that you have to know what you are doing! AppData contains a lot of important folders in Windows and if you are not carefull when selecting the folder in a sync task a lot of data in there can be deleted when the task executes.

Version 1.2.36

Released January 21, 2022 as a beta version to a small group of test users.

Version 1.2.35

January 14, 2022

  • Improved upload to OneDrive in case of temporarily upload failures. Especially with large files upload to OneDrive sometimes suffers from failures like: connection between the app and OneDrive is dropped, timeouts because of other upstream traffic taking away bandwidth, etc. With the improvement a failed upload is automatically resumed up to 3 times. A resumed upload starts after a exponentially increasing period of time: the 1st retry starts 2 seconds after the failure, the next at 8 seconds, etc.
  • Added additional logging to track possible errors that can occur when uploading files to OneDrive.
  • Made the check and possible removal of unused account/password in the Windows vault more robust.

Version 1.2.34

January 7, 2022

  • Improved upload speed when copying files to OneDrive. Until now a long file was uploaded in chunks of about 320.000 bytes. The relatively small chunk size has a negative impact on the overall upload speed of the file. With the change the chunk size is now made depended on the size of the file with a maximum of 60 MB.
    Results: Uploading 170 files, 2.2GB in total, with varying sizes from 3MB to 1.2GB, on a 20Mbps upstream internet connection now takes about 20 minutes to finish.
    Note: Until now there is no feedback to the user about the upload progress of an individual file. One must be aware that it can take a very long time to upload big files to OneDrive when the upload speed on the internet connection is relatively low. E.g. with a 20Mbps upload connection uploading a 1GB file takes 7 minutes!

Version 1.2.33

December 11, 2021

  • Corrected again an error in the SFTP client which still generated a "parent node not found error" with some SFTP servers. The correction that was introduced in v1.2.32 turned out not to be the full solution.

Version 1.2.32

December 8, 2021

  • Improved the way files and directories are created on SFTP servers. In earlier versions the app simply requested the SFTP server to create a file/folder independent whether a parent folder of the file/directory already existed or not. Some SFTP servers might not support this (and might return a "parent node not found" error). The change now creates all missing parent directories first.

  • Added some logging to see if the registration of the USB insert/eject watcher task is successfull.

Version 1.2.31

November 19, 2021

  • Corrected an error where the app was also synchronizing the 'Modified on' date and time of folders in case of Copy and Cut-And-Paste tasks. With the new update folders will only be synchronized in case of 1-way and 2-way Sync tasks.

Version 1.2.30

November 17, 2021

  • Added option to ignore 'Modified on' date and time for folders - Some storage systems don't correctly take over the 'Modified on' date and time attribute when storing files and/or updating folders. This new option now allows you to ignore this date and time when dealing with folders. You can set this option when the app keeps on giving 'syncing folder' messages in the status/action panel.

  • Corrected an error with a 2-way sync task which stopped the task when there was an error when reading a possible conflicts file. The cause of possible read errors is still under investigation.

Version 1.2.29

November 3, 2021

  • Added support for TLS v1.3 for connecting to FTP servers requiring SSL/TLS. For servers that don't correctly handle a TLS v1.3 handshake the user can force TLS v1.2. TLS v1.2 must also be configured when the FTP server, such as FileZilla Server requires TLS 1.3 session resumption.

  • Corrected an error that prevented that account/password credentials that were assigned to a task were not deleted in the Password Vault when the task was deleted.

Version 1.2.28

October 29, 2021

  • Added additional logging for FTP/FTPS events.

  • Extended the validation for TLS certificates. With the update the app now also tries to find a certificate in the user's Windows Certificates Store in case the certificate is not saved in the app's TrustedCerts store (trusted_certs.json).

Version 1.2.27

October 27, 2021

  • Corrected an error in the task execution process that resulted in some cases that the FTPS TLS certificate was incorrectly flagged as being invalid.

  • Corrected a fault in the FTP/FTPS location selection popup where for some type of FTP servers subfolders were not correctly retrieved.

Version 1.2.26

October 26, 2021

  • Corrected an error that prevented the app to copy empty folders to the target location when this option is not disabled in the Advanced Settings of a task.

  • Corrected a fault with the log file that could happen when the scheduling process triggers (every 15 minutes) and the previous trigger has not finished execution yet. A fault 'log file is in use by another process' could then pop up.

  • Added the possibility to log low level FTP/FTPS command and response messages. Enable 'Logging' in the app's Settings page if you want to look at those logs (or want to pass them on the SyncFolder support).

  • Corrected an error when a FTPS server reported a certificate that is using ECC as key algorithm. This can occur with a FileZilla Server when the certificate is a self-signed certificates that is generated by the FileZilla Server management tool. SyncFolder will now report the algorithm as being "ECC" but doesn't extract additional information from it (like the size).

Version 1.2.25

October 8, 2021

  • Support for FTP/FTPS server added - You can configure a FTP/FTPS server as source and destination location for any type of task except a 2-way sync task. FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS) can be configured in explicit or implicit mode.
  • Support for SFTP server added - You can configure a SFTP (SSH) server as source and destination location for any type of task except a 2-way sync task. Authentication can be: useraccount/password or public/private key.
  • Support for MTP device enhanced - The app now allows a MTP device to be configured as source and destination location for any type of task except a 2-way sync task. In previous versions MTP devices could only be configured for destination devices.
  • You can configure any task now to not generate an error when the source/destination device in the task is not available. This can be of use when you want to have a scenario where you want to switch the destination device in a task every couple of days/weeks in order to make alternating backups. The way to do that is to create the task twice, each with a different device. If you want to run these tasks on a schedule then the added option will prevent that SyncFolder generates an error when one device is not inserted.
  • Command line invocation - You can now execute multiple tasks using a command line command.
  • An option has been added in the advanced task settings to delete excluded files on the target device. The default is to not delete those files.

Version 1.2.24

Not released on Windows Store

Version 1.2.23

August 24, 2021

  • Access denied error in conjunction with 'rename' corrected - In version 1.2.22 an error has been introduced which incorrectly flagged some file as to be renamed. The error could occur when 2 or more files with the same name were appearing in different directories. This has now been corrected.
  • Handling of read-only files corrected - The app didn't handle read-only attributes correctly on the target site when a read-only file needed to be renamed or had to be replaced by an new copy. This sometimes resulted in access denied errors.

Version 1.2.22

August 19, 2021

  • 2-Way Synchronization - SyncFolder now also supports bidirectional synchronization. Changes in files and folders on location A will be applied to location B and vice versa.
    Modifications applied in both locations will be either reported as a conflict (which you can resolve yourself by opening a specific Conflicts page) or will be automatically handled (with the most recent update winning).
  • Minor cosmetic changes and layout updates - A 'job' is now called a 'task' and the Advanced Task Settings dialog now has a scrollbar in order to allow all settings to be configured.
  • Spanish - Support for Spanish is now added. This is a first translation and is not guaranteed to be already perfect Spanish.

Version 1.2.21

Released as test version to a limited set of people

Version 1.2.20

Not released to the public

Version 1.2.19

May 27, 2021

  • Files filter added to specify files to include - You can now configure the source files filter for a task to either copy 'All, except excluded files' or 'Only specific files'. The latter option allows you to both specify the files that have to be included in the task and the files to have to be excluded.
  • Corrected a crash when no internet access - In the previous version the app crashes on the main page when the app tries to find out whether you have the latest update and there is no internet access.
  • Improved description in some views - Corrected some descriptions in various views.

Version 1.2.18


  • Background execution - A warning message has been added to the task configuration window when you configure the task to run on a schedule (in the background) and you have disabled background execution in Windows.
  • Excluded source folders with Sync tasks - Previously, with a 1-way sync task, SyncFolder deleted all folders on the target which where not included in the source. This was reported as not to be the best option.
    A property "Delete unselected folders from destination" now has been added in the advanced settings of the task to explicitly configure this. The default is to not delete them.
    Note: If the task is configured to include all folders (and possible new ones in the future) then folders that don't exist on the source will be deleted on the target (as it always has been).
  • Copy speed - Execution speed when copying files has been increased with about 30%.
  • Command line - SyncFolder now allows a task to be executed by invoking the app from the command line. The syntax is:
    "syncfolder.exe --exec taskId" where 'taskId' is the ID of the task, such as: 9283b613-ac0b-48a2-93db-81c6016187db. You can copy/paste the ID by opening the task "Configuration" view or "Status" view and getting the ID from there. If you want to run the app minimized on the Windows task bar then you can add the option "--minimize" to the command.
  • App updates - An attention button has been added to the main page when there is a newer version of the app available in the Windows Store. This should warn users who have opted out the automatic update of apps in the Windows Store. You can click the button to get a dialog window with instructions what to do to update the app.

Version 1.2.17


  • SyncFolder now also allows you to define a share mounted on a website to be the source or target for a task. In order for this to work the website must support the WebDAV protocol. Examples of such websites are: Nextcloud, ownCloud, .. You can find a detailed description on how to configure this on the FAQ page.

Version 1.2.16


  • An error has been corrected which incorrectly copied older files to a target location in case of a Blind Copy task and the target contained newer files. This error could occur when a Blind Copy task runs and the target, prior to the new backup, was updated with newer files. This can happen for instance when the target is a OneDrive folder.
    Starting with version 1.2.16 the decision to do a copy/rename is as follows:
    • One-way Sync tasks: A copy takes place when any of the following attributes have changed at the source: file size, file modification time. A rename takes place (when allowed by the target) when there is a change in the name of the file with respect to upper and lower case. The principle remains that with a 1-way sync job the target must be an exact copy of the source
    • Blind Copy tasks: A copy/rename takes place when any of the following have changed at the source: file size, modification time, and change in upper/lower case of the file name, but only in case the source file is newer than the one at the target.
      The user should be aware that with a target location on which files can be updated by other processes and/or devices, the task should be configured to allways scan the target and not use the default (and faster) cache. The configuration can be done by clicking "Additional job settings" at the bottom of the configuration page. In the dialog that comes up set the first toggle switch to on.
  • The "Select existing jobs to execute, .." action on the home page of the app is moved to the top of the page. This makes it more convenient for users when the app runs on smaller screens.

Version 1.2.15


  • Starting with the previous version the app carries out very strict error checking in the source and destination scanning process. The checking introduced in v.1.2.14 was however too strict when there are files in the source folder/subfolders for which the LastTimeWritten/Modified attribute is missing. It caused the scanning process to stop with an error "Not a valid Win32 FileTime".
    This has been corrected and files which don't carry this date attribute are not flagged anymore as having an error.

Version 1.2.14


  • You can re-order the tasks/jobs in the Tasks List using drag and drop.
  • When running a task the app now displays every 0.5s the name of the file which at that moment is being copied. This offers improved visual feedback that the app is still busy doing its things when a lot of files have to be copied and/or writing to the target drive is relatively slow.
  • OneDrive - It is now possible to select a OneDrive folder that is not mounted in Windows as target folder for a Sync or Backup job. The task configuration page now contains a dropdown options menu where you can define the type of target location:
    • An internal, external or network drive. Select this if the folder is on an internal, an external (typically USB), or a network disk. This is also the option to select when you target a OneDrive folder that is mounted by the OneDrive service in Windows.
    • A mobile device (smartphone, tablet, ..) that is using the MTP protocol.
    • A OneDrive folder that is not mounted in Windows. You will be prompted to enter your OneDrive credentials the first time you select the folder.
  • It is now easier to copy the SyncFolder tasks settings to another computer. The Settings page now has a Import and Export button to accomplish this. When clicking Export you will be prompted to select a location (e.g. a USB flash drive) where you wan't to save the repository file of the app. On the new/other computer click Import an select the saved repository file.
  • The 'Advanced' task settings have been moved to the bottom of the task Configuration page. You can now configure the following advanced settings:
    • You can specify now on a per task basis whether the app must re-scan the target drive each time a task is executing. Previously this setting was global for all tasks.
    • You can specify whether empty source folders have to be copied to the target. Previously this setting was also global for all tasks.
    • You can indicate whether SyncFolder should skip copying of source files when the name and size of the file was unchanged. The default method is to look at the name, the size and the modified (last time written) date and time of the file.
    • You can specify for which files the app should keep a history by saving the 10 most recent versions of those files.
  • An error has been corrected which resulted in a wrong folder being configured for a network drive in case the folder was selected using a full network share name, like: \\server\share\user\john\documents.
  • Some minor bug fixes have been implemented.

Version 1.2.13


  • This version is only released to a limited group of users. It was released as a test version for v.1.2.14.

Version 1.2.12


  • The "Filter" dialog for the source location now allows you to make use of wildcards (*) to specify which source folders have to be excluded. The same is no also possible to exclude source files. In earlier versions one could only excluded files based on the file extension type. You can now specify both file types and file names and you can use wildcards (*) to define a group of types/names.
  • The "Advanced' dialog for the source location has been enhanced to define a 'history' service for files not only based on the file type but also on the file name. You can also use wildcards (*) to define a group of types/names.

Version 1.2.11


  • The "Execute All" option in the tasks view has been replaced by "Execute selected tasks". The user can now select which tasks have to be executed. As before, the selected tasks are executed one after the other.
  • An error has been corrected which resulted in an exception crash when the user configures a network drive with a username and password and the drive is not defined through a drive letter (like Z:\) but using the share name (like \\mynas\documents).

Version 1.2.10


  • An option has been added in the source Filters view to configure the app to not copy any file that is located in the source location's root. The default (as it was in earlier versions) is to copy those files.
  • If during execution of a task the app detects that one or more folders were inaccessible, but no other errors came up, the app will now show this as 'success but some folders were unauthorized'.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.9


  • The app now shows a warning message the first time you configure a 1-way sync job and the target location is not empty. This is to warn the user that the files and folders on the target are likely to be deleted when the task has executed.
  • There was an 'access denied' error when the target location contains a hidden System Volume Information folder which resulted in the task not being executed. This has now been corrected. The System Volume Information folder will be ignored in the destination scan step and will stay on the drive with a 1-way sync task.
  • The app will not terminate a task anymore when the source contains one or more folders which the currently logged on user is not allowed to access. Execution proceeds and the unaccessible folders will be listed in the results under the Actions tab on the task status page.

Version 1.2.8


  • Minor bug fixes.

Version 1.2.6


  • An error has been corrected which made the app unresponsive and react with a fault when importing a large amount of photos and videos from a mobile device.
  • Prior to the new version the prompt to start the execution of a job as a result of inserting a USB device only worked when the job was also configured to make use of an automatic execution schedule. This is now corrected. Prompt for execution after device insertion now works for both scheduled and unscheduled jobs.
  • There was an error in previous versions which made it possible to configure "Create same subfolder" when the source was set to the root of the drive (D:, E:, etc). This caused various copy errors. It is now corrected.

Version 1.2.5


  • [New] Support for MTP devices - The app now allows you to configure a mobile device that supports MTP as destination location for any type of task.
  • [New] Cut and Move task - You can now configure a task to move the content of a source location to a destination location and cut/delete the source content when successfully copied.
  • [New] Allow wildcards in excluded folder name - You can list the excluded folder names in the Filter dialog now by either specifying the full name of the folder or a pattern using wildcards; like: lib*, *version*, etc.
  • Error corrected which prevented that file copy errors were reported.

Version 1.2.3


  • [New] French - The app now also supports French as language. Currently supported languages are: English, German, French, and Dutch. Spanish is expected to become available in the next version.
  • [New] Automatic task execution with 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes intervals - You can now configure a task to run every day at 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes intervals.
  • [New] Execute all tasks - A button has been added in the Tasks page to trigger the execution of all configured tasks (except the photos import task).
  • Error corrected which inserted an extra backslash in the network drive path when the location was entered using the "\\server\share" option in the Windows folder selection popup. The task then always indicated an error during execution.

Version 1.2.1


  • [New] Network drive mapping - The app now tries to find the computer/share name of a source/destination folder on a network drive when the location is defined by means of a mapped drive letter; i.e. it will try to convert network station "Z:" which is connected as network share "Z:\Music" to "\\\Music".
  • [New] Network share access credentials - When defining a network folder as source or target the user now also has the option to explicitly configure the access credentials (username, password) and test the connection.
  • [New] Stop task - You can now stop the execution of a task in progress.
  • [New] Renamed files and folders - SyncFolder will now update folder/file names of which the capitalization has changed. In previous versions a change of a folder/file name at the source, like "myfolder" renamed to "MyFolder", was not passed on to the target; i.e. the folder on the target stayed "myfolder".
  • [New] Dark mode - The app now fully supports light or dark mode when configured in the Windows 10 Settings app.
  • [New] Language - You can now select a different language in case the default configured language would not be OK for you. Note however that currently only English, German and Dutch are supported. If you are not able to select one of those then you must first add the required language in the Windows Settings app (in the section Region and Language).
  • An error has been corrected where, in a sync/mirroring task, a change in the capitalization of a source folder/subfolder name resulted in removal of that folder on the target.
  • In previous versions the user could not assign a source and target location of which the name both started with the same name; like: "example" as source location and "example-first" as destination location. This has been corrected.

Version 1.1.16


  • The error is corrected which prevented that the app (in version 1.1.15) is opened when the user clicks on the app's notification popup or a notification in the windows 10 action center.
  • Photos import functionality is improved.

Version 1.1.15


  • [New] Long pathnames - SyncFolder now supports long path names. You don't have to configure anything in Windows to allow SyncFolder to deal with this. If you want to have support for long pathnames in other Windows applications (such as File Explorer, cmd, ..) you must opt-in for Long Paths by setting the Windows registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem LongPathsEnabled (Type: REG_DWORD) to 1.
  • [New] Logging - The logging service (to be enabled in Settings) has been extended to also log diagnostic events when a device is connecting to SyncFolder using WiFi (i.e. in order to copy photos and videos).
  • [New] Task simulation - It is now also possible to run a job in Simulated mode. When selecting this Syncfolder will do everything what it does in a normal run except that it will not physically copy or delete anything.
  • [New] System files and folders - You can now explicitly indicate in the Filters dialog that System files and folders should not be copied. In earlier versions of the app System files and folders were never copied. This changes now in such a way that the default is to copy all system files and folders with the exception of the files pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys and hiberfil.sys, and the root folders $recycle.bin, $windows.~bt, $windows.~wst, config.msi, documents and setting, onedrivetemp, program files, program files (x86), programdata, recovery, and system volume information .
  • [New] Actions report - The Results section in the Status view of a job now also shows an overview of the actions that were done while a job was running. You can see these actions when you select the Actions tab. Selecting the Faults tab reveals all faults encountered.
  • A fault has been corrected which caused a backup/sync task to fail when the source location contains files which are bigger than 4GB. The task runs successfully the first time but then keeps on failing unless the 'Rescan destination' option was set in Settings.
  • Improved stability and robustness in various areas.

Version 1.1.14


  • [New] Logging - Possibility added to enable Event logs for diagnostics and troubleshooting. You can enable logging in the Settings page. After working with the app you can then forward the log files to SyncFolder support. See the FAQ page for more information.
  • [New] Clear result - You can now in the Show Status page reset the 'Backup Result Status' of a task. When reset the status of the task goes to 'Job is not executed yet'.
  • [Modified] - The Photos and Videos import job is not automatically created anymore when you install the app. It is however needed when you want to import photos and videos using USB, memory cards, or WiFi (with the companion app on Android and iOS). The app will prompt you to create the job when you are about to import / connect.
  • Improved stability and robustness in various areas.

Version 1.1.13


  • No new functions have been added in this version.

Version 1.1.12


  • [New] - When you modify task data in the task editor the data will be immediately saved when you press the Save button or leave the page and confirm Save.
  • The QR code that can be used to connect with the SyncFolder Photos app is now again available.

Version 1.1.11


  • The new version only contains bug fixes.

Version 1.1.10


  • The new version only contains bug fixes.

Version 1.1.9


  • [New] - An option has been added to indicate that SyncFolder must create a subfolder on the target station with the same name as the source folder if it doesn't already exist. The option is the default for all new tasks you create. With this the user musn't create the folder upfront.
  • The possibility to give feedback in Settings has been removed. It turns out that this service is currently not 100% reliable in a number of Windows 10 systems.
  • Some minor changes have been done to improve robustness when copying files and provide better fault reporting in the logfile (e.g. stacktraces).

Version 1.1.8

  • [New] - Possibility added to specify that for certain type of files a history must be kept. This might be important in order to be able to restore a previous version of a file. It is not the intention to make this a full-blown backup with history feature. Only the 10 most recent versions are kept and only for files for which a specific extension is defined.

Version 1.1.7

  • [New] - Added the possibility to scan a QR code in order set up a secure WiFi connection when importing photos and videos via WiFi.
    This method can be used when the WiFi network doesn't support multicast and/or broadcast for discovering computers in the network.

Version 1.1.6

  • [New] - Added support to upload photos and videos from a mobile device using a WiFi connection. To make use of this new feature you must install the compagnion SyncFolder Photos app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Starting with this version the number of user notifications that happen as a result of repeated backup errors, is reduced to only 1 (the first time the error occurs).
    You will however get a notification every 14 days when a backup keeps on failing.

Version 1.1.5

  • [New] - Added language support for German.

Version 1.1.4

  • The previous version closes the app when the Settings button was pressed on the main page. This has now been corrected.
  • There were some issues with certain devices when selecting an external storage station (USB disk, ..) as source or target backup medium. This should now be corrected.

Version 1.1.3

  • [New] - Option added to start backup immediately when an external USB drive is plugged in. Upon detection of the drive, the user is asked whether the backup should start or not.
  • Fault corrected where the app crashes on some devices after a USB drive is selected as source or destination in a job.
  • Previous versions gave an "unauthorized" error when the "Documents" folder was set as the source. No account was taken with hidden folders that are set as so-called "Junction Points". This has now been corrected.