Known issues and things still missing in the latest version (1.1.16)

  • One-Way-Sync/Backup over MTP - SyncFolder doesn't yet support devices (smartphones, tablets, ..) that are connected using MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) to be the source or target location in a SyncFolder mirror or backup task. Until this is implemented you could maybe work around this by configuring the mobile device to use MSC (Mass Storage device Class). That however might not be possible (anymore) with recent devices.
  • Stop job - It is currently not possible to manually stop the execution of a job once it is running. Until this is implemented you must go to SyncFolder in the 'systray' (on the right side of the taskbar, where you also find things like: Hardware Eject, Windows Security, etc.), do a right click on the SyncFolder icon and select 'Exit'.
  • Network share access problems - SyncFolder will fail to connect to a shared folder on a network drive when Windows doesn't automatically connect to the drive. In order to work around this issue Microsoft suggests to run scripts to automatically reconnect mapped network drives when you log on the device. See Mapped network drive may fail to reconnect in Windows 10 .
    In a future version of the app the user will have the option to explicitly configure the network drive logon (user, password). SyncFolder will then re-connect itself to the drive.
  • Locked files - SyncFolder will fail to copy any file that is in-use (locked) by another program and will log those files in the Task Status window. This could be too drastic in case the file would not be 'read-locked'. In a future version SyncFolder will try to copy files that are not 'read-locked'.

What's new?

Version 1.1.16

  • The error is corrected which prevented that the app (in version 1.1.15) is opened when the user clicks on the app's notification popup or a notification in the windows 10 action center.
  • Photos import functionality is improved.

Version 1.1.15

  • [New] - SyncFolder now supports long path names. In order for this to work in SyncFolder (and also in other Windows applications) you must opt-in for Long Paths by setting the Windows registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem LongPathsEnabled (Type: REG_DWORD) to 1.
  • [New] - The logging service (to be enabled in Settings) has been extended to also log diagnostic events when a device is connecting to SyncFolder using WiFi (i.e. in order to copy photos and videos).
  • [New] - It is now also possible to run a job in Simulated mode. When selecting this Syncfolder will do everything what it does in a normal run except that it will not physically copy or delete anything.
  • [New] - You can now explicitly indicate in the Filters dialog that System files and folders should not be copied. In earlier versions of the app System files and folders were never copied. This changes now in such a way that the default is to copy all system files and folders with the exception of the files pagefile.sys, swapfile.sys and hiberfil.sys, and the root folders $recycle.bin, $windows.~bt, $windows.~wst, config.msi, documents and setting, onedrivetemp, program files, program files (x86), programdata, recovery, and system volume information .
  • [New] - The Results section in the Status view of a job now also shows an overview of the actions that were done while a job was running. You can see these actions when you select the Actions tab. Selecting the Faults tab reveals all faults encountered.
  • [Fault correction] - A fault has been corrected which caused a backup/sync task to fail when the source location contains files which are bigger than 4GB. The task runs successfully the first time but then keeps on failing unless the 'Rescan destination' option was set in Settings.
  • Improved stability and robustness in various areas.

Version 1.1.14

  • [New] - Possibility added to enable Event logs for diagnostics and troubleshooting. You can enable logging in the Settings page. After working with the app you can then forward the log files to SyncFolder support. See the FAQ page for more information.
  • [New] - You can now in the Show Status page reset the 'Backup Result Status' of a task. When reset the status of the task goes to 'Job is not executed yet'.
  • [Modified] - The Photos and Videos import job is not automatically created anymore when you install the app. It is however needed when you want to import photos and videos using USB, memory cards, or WiFi (with the companion app on Android and iOS). The app will prompt you to create the job when you are about to import / connect.
  • Improved stability and robustness in various areas.

Version 1.1.13

  • No new functions have been added in this version.

Version 1.1.12

  • [New] - When you modify task data in the task editor the data will be immediately saved when you press the Save button or leave the page and confirm Save.
  • The QR code that can be used to connect with the SyncFolder Photos app is now again available.

Version 1.1.9

  • [New] - An option has been added to indicate that SyncFolder must create a subfolder on the target station with the same name as the source folder if it doesn't already exist. The option is the default for all new tasks you create. With this the user musn't create the folder upfront.
  • The possibility to give feedback in Settings has been removed. It turns out that this service is currently not 100% reliable in a number of Windows 10 systems.
  • Some minor changes have been done to improve robustness when copying files and provide better fault reporting in the logfile (e.g. stacktraces).

Version 1.1.8

  • [New] - Possibility added to specify that for certain type of files a history must be kept. This might be important in order to be able to restore a previous version of a file. It is not the intention to make this a full-blown backup with history feature. Only the 10 most recent versions are kept and only for files for which a specific extension is defined.

Version 1.1.7

  • [New] - Added the possibility to scan a QR code in order set up a secure WiFi connection when importing photos and videos via WiFi.
    This method can be used when the WiFi network doesn't support multicast and/or broadcast for discovering computers in the network.

Version 1.1.6

  • [New] - Added support to upload photos and videos from a mobile device using a WiFi connection. To make use of this new feature you must install the compagnion SyncFolder Photos app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Starting with this version the number of user notifications that happen as a result of repeated backup errors, is reduced to only 1 (the first time the error occurs).
    You will however get a notification every 14 days when a backup keeps on failing.

Version 1.1.5

  • [New] - Added language support for German.

Version 1.1.4

  • The previous version closes the app when the Settings button was pressed on the main page. This has now been corrected.
  • There were some issues with certain devices when selecting an external storage station (USB disk, ..) as source or target backup medium. This should now be corrected.

Version 1.1.3

  • [New] - Option added to start backup immediately when an external USB drive is plugged in. Upon detection of the drive, the user is asked whether the backup should start or not.
  • Fault corrected where the app crashes on some devices after a USB drive is selected as source or destination in a job.
  • Previous versions gave an "unauthorized" error when the "Documents" folder was set as the source. No account was taken with hidden folders that are set as so-called "Junction Points". This has now been corrected.